Friday, 11 November 2011

Another great night

Thanks for everyone who turned out last night , We did a group tie for the first hour. 3 flies were tied. 2 dries of which were slight variations and  a nymph. I'll list the materials and post a few photos for  referance.

The Dirty Polly

Dirty polly materials:

Hook: 10-16 kamasan b100
thread: any
Rib :thread
Body: haresear or any other suitable dubbing
wing: polyyarn
hackle : genetic cock(clipped on the underside.

Two varuiations one with the hackle tied upright the other sloping back.

upright wing version

This is a variant for the lochs.
Tag: Globrite no 4 or 5
Abdomen: 50/50 mix of glister and black seals fur
wing: polly yarn
hackle: grizzle or black

Wire Nymph
Hook: B175 10-16
Bead: Brass , tungsten of any colour
suitable for size of hook (ie for #12 -2.8mm
Tail: thorax cover/ legs: Cock pheasant centre tail
body: any coloured wire
Thorax: Any dubbing (i like Glister)

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  1. A grand night indeed - thoroughly enjoyed it. Another couple of patterns for the armoury and looking forward to this week.