Thursday, 27 October 2011

A great first night!

A very enjoyable night , well atended , blethering was high on the agenda. Lots of flies tied , from lures , dries ,  nymphs and wets. Talking with the lads has already fairly wetted the appetite for fishing next season, with a few untried burns to fish . A few flies from the night to follow. Next meeting we intend to have the night in two halves with he first hour being instructional, and the second half being for want of a better term  "free-styling".
A few flies from the night:

First couple by Brian Kemp.

Coper nymph(straggle fritz thorax)

haresear bug
 A few by Alan Hunter.
black and peacock spider
Sunburst nobbler
A few from Colin Wilson:
Biot DHE

CDC and Elk

Brown Wire nymph

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fly Tying Meet Dates

First lot of the tying nights will be  at the Black bitch pub in Linlithgow  between 7-9pm on the following dates:

October 27th
November 10th
November 17th
November 24th

Hope you can make it!