Thursday, 22 December 2011

Thursday 22nd

A big thankyou to all who atttended ! A handful of killers tied tonight.
First up.
 A balloon caddis turks tarantula hybrid
Hook: caddis longshank.
Tail: Golden pheasant tippets
Body: Haresear
balloon : white craft foam
wing: Deerhair
legs: Rubber strand  from bungeee chord.


Prince nymph (variant)
Hook: size 10 or 12 with a bead
Tail: Brown or black goose biots
wing: white goose biots.
Rib: Gold or copper wire
Body: peacock herl
collar: peacock glister

nb: the original a stonefly nymph imitation had  a furnace hackle at the head.

Elk Hair Caddis

hook :B170 size 12
rib: gold wire
Body : any coloured dubbing typically green yellow , haresear, black.
hackle: (optional) brown -palmered
Wing: Elk

 Not a specific pattern but a general purpose, i will however list the materials ive used for purposes of the accompanied photograph, but the body materials are of personal preferance and the tailing can be microfibbets , hackle fibres, moose main etc.

Hook: Medium or light wire Size 10-14
Tail: Coq de leon
body: Brown turkey biot
Wing : Deer hair
Thorax: Haresear.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Next Meet

The Next meet is not until Thursday the 22nd of December, hope you can make it!!Usual place The Black Bitch at Linlithgow 7pm till 9pm.

24th: A deer night at the inn

The weather outside was a shocker,(it still is) we had a reasonable show though, a big thankyou to those who made it!
Tonight was based on Deerhair patterns .

First up was the cdc and elk, a quick and easy pattern once mastered and a great fish catcher.
 Hook: 10-16 light or medium wire
body :cdc feather tied in by the tips then palmered up the body.
wing:Deerhair (roe seems to work well)

NB. Despite being called the cdc and "Elk" it is normal deerhair that is used having said that elk does work.

Next up was a challenge for us, the G &H sedge , it's a great fishing pattern for bringing up stubborn fish , great for white water or just for sighting in poor visibility ie in the gloaming or white water. It is also great practice for mastering spinning techniques and once mastered , muddlers , and anything else that requires a spun body becomes easy as the concept is the same.

hook: longshank 10 (but can be tied smaller or bigger)
Underbody: Supper bug yarn doubled up tied out the back then pulled forward.usually green or orange.
Abdomen: Deerhair, spun and clipped
antennae (optional): stripped hackle stalks
Hackle: genetic cock

NB. The under body usually has a body formed with a dubbing loop but i find this  method easier.

Next up is a great pattern  when the sedges come out to play, the Balloon caddis, sometimes called the Moser after it's creator .
Hook: medium wire 12-10
Rib : thread tag end
abdomen: Hare
Balloon. Ethafoam
Thorax: any dubbing, i used peacock glister in the picture  for some contrast.

NB. The addition  of rubberlegs makes for a useful variant, add them to the ballon crease one each side.

The last pattern doesnt contain deerhair but a good pattern , useful on adropper when fishing a nymph.
It is a wire nymph.

Body : copper wire.Can be any colour
thorax: hare, glister, etc 

i like a variation of this with the thorax tied in front of the hackle.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Did a bit salvaging today, the washing machine packed in(the drum). In it's time it's had a few pumps replaced and in the pumps there is two  jumbo spools of copper wire of a very useable guage for the fly tier. So next time your machine or pump go's get out the hammer!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

17th November

Thanks all who attended on what was a rotten night weather wise. Good banter as always.
4 patterns  tied tonight.
Wooly Bugger
Hook: Longshank or standard
 optional: a few turns of lead for added weight as a underbody
Bead: to suit bead , 4mm -3mm
Tail: 4 strands of flash and marabou ( any colour)
body: dubbing , fritz, chennille
rib: silver or gold wire
hackle: soft cock  hackle.
collar: (optional) Glister

CDC Flexi -olive Dun
Hook: Partridge sld dry barbless 12- 18
Tail: Microfibbets splayed
body: Olive flexi floss (span-flex)
wing:2-3  cdc plumes
thorax: hare fur or suitable dubbing.

Turkey Biot Klink     
Hook: kamasan b100
Body: Turkey biot   wound over a  dab of superglue (this prolongs the life of the fly)
post: poly yarn  (mcflylon)
thorax: hares ear
hackle: genetic cock

Turkey biot Nymph
Hook: 12- 16
tail: partridge
body: Turkey biot
thorax : haresear

Friday, 11 November 2011

Another great night

Thanks for everyone who turned out last night , We did a group tie for the first hour. 3 flies were tied. 2 dries of which were slight variations and  a nymph. I'll list the materials and post a few photos for  referance.

The Dirty Polly

Dirty polly materials:

Hook: 10-16 kamasan b100
thread: any
Rib :thread
Body: haresear or any other suitable dubbing
wing: polyyarn
hackle : genetic cock(clipped on the underside.

Two varuiations one with the hackle tied upright the other sloping back.

upright wing version

This is a variant for the lochs.
Tag: Globrite no 4 or 5
Abdomen: 50/50 mix of glister and black seals fur
wing: polly yarn
hackle: grizzle or black

Wire Nymph
Hook: B175 10-16
Bead: Brass , tungsten of any colour
suitable for size of hook (ie for #12 -2.8mm
Tail: thorax cover/ legs: Cock pheasant centre tail
body: any coloured wire
Thorax: Any dubbing (i like Glister)

Monday, 7 November 2011

kanekalon baitfish

I came across this material on another forum. It is a crinkly nylon type material , similar to those meant for flytying but this is  meant for hair extensions. the packets are superb value for money and i canot emphasisse that enough at only £3 a packet probably enough to last a lifetime. i initially bought neon pink , pearl white and bright orange but now have some more colours on order.
 This is a baitfish tied with it.
 The pike in the canal seem to like it. And i have no doubt it would work anywhere.
Hook: 4/0
Tail/wing :kanekalon and some flash
Gill plate: shell sequin
eye: epoxy eyes
The head is sealed with UV gel but epoxy can be used as well.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Turkey biot klink

Still trying to perfect my technique i think the propotions are ok.

Grayling bug

Some thing for the ladies hope they find it to their liking

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Cavalier minnow

This is a minnow pattern ive used for trout in the past, it has cavalier (the dog) hair simply because i have it on tap, arctic fox can be used and is probably better or bucktail although it is stiffer and has less movement.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

A great first night!

A very enjoyable night , well atended , blethering was high on the agenda. Lots of flies tied , from lures , dries ,  nymphs and wets. Talking with the lads has already fairly wetted the appetite for fishing next season, with a few untried burns to fish . A few flies from the night to follow. Next meeting we intend to have the night in two halves with he first hour being instructional, and the second half being for want of a better term  "free-styling".
A few flies from the night:

First couple by Brian Kemp.

Coper nymph(straggle fritz thorax)

haresear bug
 A few by Alan Hunter.
black and peacock spider
Sunburst nobbler
A few from Colin Wilson:
Biot DHE

CDC and Elk

Brown Wire nymph

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fly Tying Meet Dates

First lot of the tying nights will be  at the Black bitch pub in Linlithgow  between 7-9pm on the following dates:

October 27th
November 10th
November 17th
November 24th

Hope you can make it!