Wednesday, 22 February 2012

16th feb

Apologies very late in updating this . Gried to concentrate on loch flies for a change , river flies tend to have been done to death and we do have a great tradition for loch style wets, so we thought we would do a few, but first up a dry!

Dirty polly /Corrie killer hybrid

Hook: b100
butt :  globrite no5
rib: none you could use fine wire or tag end
body and thorax: black seals fur , peacock glister mixed 50/50
wing: poly yarn
hackle : grizzle or black.

tail: Red wool
rib: gold wire
body: flat gold we used holographic
Palmering hackle:black cock
head hackles : orange and black hen.

black ke-he
tail; red wool with gp tippets over the top
body: peacock herl
hackle : black hen