Friday, 25 November 2011

24th: A deer night at the inn

The weather outside was a shocker,(it still is) we had a reasonable show though, a big thankyou to those who made it!
Tonight was based on Deerhair patterns .

First up was the cdc and elk, a quick and easy pattern once mastered and a great fish catcher.
 Hook: 10-16 light or medium wire
body :cdc feather tied in by the tips then palmered up the body.
wing:Deerhair (roe seems to work well)

NB. Despite being called the cdc and "Elk" it is normal deerhair that is used having said that elk does work.

Next up was a challenge for us, the G &H sedge , it's a great fishing pattern for bringing up stubborn fish , great for white water or just for sighting in poor visibility ie in the gloaming or white water. It is also great practice for mastering spinning techniques and once mastered , muddlers , and anything else that requires a spun body becomes easy as the concept is the same.

hook: longshank 10 (but can be tied smaller or bigger)
Underbody: Supper bug yarn doubled up tied out the back then pulled forward.usually green or orange.
Abdomen: Deerhair, spun and clipped
antennae (optional): stripped hackle stalks
Hackle: genetic cock

NB. The under body usually has a body formed with a dubbing loop but i find this  method easier.

Next up is a great pattern  when the sedges come out to play, the Balloon caddis, sometimes called the Moser after it's creator .
Hook: medium wire 12-10
Rib : thread tag end
abdomen: Hare
Balloon. Ethafoam
Thorax: any dubbing, i used peacock glister in the picture  for some contrast.

NB. The addition  of rubberlegs makes for a useful variant, add them to the ballon crease one each side.

The last pattern doesnt contain deerhair but a good pattern , useful on adropper when fishing a nymph.
It is a wire nymph.

Body : copper wire.Can be any colour
thorax: hare, glister, etc 

i like a variation of this with the thorax tied in front of the hackle.

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