Thursday, 17 November 2011

17th November

Thanks all who attended on what was a rotten night weather wise. Good banter as always.
4 patterns  tied tonight.
Wooly Bugger
Hook: Longshank or standard
 optional: a few turns of lead for added weight as a underbody
Bead: to suit bead , 4mm -3mm
Tail: 4 strands of flash and marabou ( any colour)
body: dubbing , fritz, chennille
rib: silver or gold wire
hackle: soft cock  hackle.
collar: (optional) Glister

CDC Flexi -olive Dun
Hook: Partridge sld dry barbless 12- 18
Tail: Microfibbets splayed
body: Olive flexi floss (span-flex)
wing:2-3  cdc plumes
thorax: hare fur or suitable dubbing.

Turkey Biot Klink     
Hook: kamasan b100
Body: Turkey biot   wound over a  dab of superglue (this prolongs the life of the fly)
post: poly yarn  (mcflylon)
thorax: hares ear
hackle: genetic cock

Turkey biot Nymph
Hook: 12- 16
tail: partridge
body: Turkey biot
thorax : haresear


  1. That turkey biot klink looks like a slayer!! Great blog, you got a new follower

  2. Thankyou Dustin, it is a great fly , i use it a lot , ive just noticed i forgot to put in it's best if the biot is wound over a lightly superglued body for durability , i'll amend that now.