Thursday, 19 January 2012

19th Jan.

Thanks again , all who attended. A good few flies tonight  , mainly emergers, but first up was the Endrick spider.

hook: b175 or170 or similar size 14-10
weight either copper wire, or lead
tail: cock pheasant
rib: copper wire
body : cock pheasant
hackle: English partridge

Then 3 emergers .

First up. The Deer hair emerger (DHE)
Hook: b100
Rib tag end of thread
body and thorax, haresear
wing: deer hair (Roe is a good option)

variant with turkey biot body. basically with all these patterns the body can be changed to suit.

Then we did a snow shoe emerger
which is as above though the hook size preferance is smaller ie deerhair =12-10's, snow shoe = 14-16's
the wing material is the only differance otherwise.

Last we did a cdc flexi- emerger
hook:b100 # 14
thread: white 8/0
body: olive flexi floss
wing :cdc
thorax : olive hares ear


  1. Hello, found your blog and followed. JGR

  2. That collection would do wonderfully around the part of the Appalachian Mountains. Very nice and buggy.